Affiliate Parser

Affiliate Parser 1.7

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Affiliate Parser v1.7 changes:

Updated PHP file. Now supports multiple matches on same line.
Reactions: DeltaHF
Affiliate Parser v1.6 changes:

Fixed Parse Root URL function.
Reactions: DeltaHF
Affiliate Parser v1.5 changes:

Now works with XenForo "Convert URLs to Page Titles" option. Also fixed issue with parsing root URLs.
Reactions: Gladius and DeltaHF
Affiliate Parser v1.4 changes:

Improved PHP code.
Reactions: DeltaHF
Affiliate Parser v1.3 changes:

Was calling _messagePreSave() as public now calling as protected.
Affiliate Parser v1.2 changes:

1) Fixed code to parse hyper text links.
2) Added option to parse base URL's.
Affiliate Parser v1.1 changes:

Fixed minor issue with regex. Multiple links on the same line were skipped.
Reactions: Brandon Sheley