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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Affiliate Parser - Add an affiliate ID to the end of URLs.


Adds affiliate ID to links.

Add an affiliate ID to the end of URLs.

(Example of Options)

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Affiliate Domain:

This is used to identify the link. Enter the domain name and extension.

Affiliate Code:

This will be the code added to the end of the link. The [?] or [&] will be added before the code and a [=] will be added after the code automatically.

Affiliate ID:

This is your unique ID provided by the affiliate.

For example the...
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From my testing so far, this works only for links posted after you install it, right? It doesn't change old links.


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Just a few questions/suggestions...

Can it handle replacing existing affiliate code in the posted link? I ask this because people leave their own affiliate links on your board and you might not be able to locate them all. If this can be added in the future, this could become a solid affiliate add-on.

As mentioned above, changing existing links would also mean a lot.

Another feature suggestion in case you are looking for some... Make it more flexible. Right now you can only create codes that work like this: ?affid=XYZ.

Some of the companies I deal with have more complex requirement with multiple attributes. Here is an example...

OMG runs their code like this:
There is another company that adds multiple values at the end of the link: &utm_source=aff_prog&utm_campaign=afts&offer_id=16&aff_id=5080

These two improvements alone would make it impressively useful for me! Thanks.


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@AndyB this is working nicely for me, thanks, but I noticed that basic links don't get affiliated. The affiliate program I'm using allows me to affiliate that as well in an "" format - any chance you could add that as an option if not default?

Edit: also noticed that links like this link don't get affiliated either. Any chance of adding that too?
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How does this work? Does it rewrite the URL:s for every pageload like Skimlinks does (javascript)? Or does it only parse URL:s posted after the installation? What happens with the parsed URL:s if I uninstall the addon later down the road?

Edit: Got a response from Andy

The links is change in the xf_post_message. This way you can always uninstall the add-on and the parsed links continue to work.
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curious if this addon could be adapted to support WHMCS billing type affiliate links commonly used by web hosts ?

example for if web host is, alot of times their WHMCS affiliate links are like this
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Does this work with HTTPS URLs? I can't seem to get it to work anymore. I did also upgrade to XF 1.5.12 recently, but I think the affiliate switching to HTTPS might be the culprit.