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I hope @AndyB will come with a fix. I checked the source code but found nothing what is wrong.
If he fix it soon i will do a small donation for him.

OK! Thanks for the info.

He sent me a PM so I sent him my settings. Let's see if he's able to replicate the problem. It might still be something on our side.
Andy can't seem to replicate the error on his side, with a default XF installation.

It could be a add-on that we are running. Should I send you a list of mine?
Affiliate Parser
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Dear andy sir,

I have some suggestions,

1. Please add more than 1 affiliate domain,
- i noticed currently your add-on can only do 1 domain, it would be great if i could do multiple domains, i have many affiliate websites, not just 1

2. Please make the old links use the affiliate code,
- i noticed this add-on only allows new links posted after the add-on was installed

3. Please hide affiliate code
- when someone post, your add-on turns the posts to
-it looks bad in the forum when members can see your affiliate code

4. Why does the add-on change the code permanently
- if i disable your add-on add-on, the post still says, it does not revert back to the
- i do not see a rebuild cache option

5. what does parse root url mean



tank you sir!!

It works just in the end of URL?

is it possible to do something like this?