AdminCP Firewall

Unmaintained AdminCP Firewall 1.4.2

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.1
  2. 1.2
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Yes, but removable with payment
Here it is, AdminCP Firewall for xenForo!

The vBulletin version of this add-on has, at the time of writing, surpassed 41 installs and 150 downloads - and is in the running to win April 2013's MOTM!

This add-on is a hackers nightmare - and an admin's dream. It provides a suite of tools to protect your AdminCP from attack.

Here's the feature list:
  • Allow access to AdminCP based on IP.
  • E-Mail when someone logs in with an invalid IP.
  • E-Mail when someone logs in to the AdminCP.
  • E-Mail when someone fails an AdminCP login.
With all those features enabled (and yes, they can be disabled individually), your AdminCP will be as secure as it can be!

Don't believe me? Try it, and see for yourself!
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  • invalidip_email.webp
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  • ip_deny.webp
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Liam W
First release
Last update


4.80 star(s) 10 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Add Shared Files

    Add missing shared files.
  2. Bug Fix

    Fix issue where all IP's were considered non-whitelisted.
  3. Refactored Code, Improved Emails, Non-Admin login email.

    This update adds improved emails. You will now be told the username of the user that logged...

Latest reviews

Great plugin. Still works. No issues with it and it can block out any brute force entries. Well done.
Nice job!
Teşekkürler,Thank You :)
many thanks
Thanks for this resource!
Amazing work! I love this!
Very nice thanks
Excellent. Was looking for it since long.
Installed, thank you. Also nice to know I'll be emailed if anyone tries to log in.
Thankyou so much for sharing this... :)
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