AdminCP Firewall

Unmaintained AdminCP Firewall 1.4.2

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Add missing shared files.
Fix issue where all IP's were considered non-whitelisted.
This update adds improved emails. You will now be told the username of the user that logged in/attempted to login, an if the username exists, it will be a link to their admin edit page.

There is also a new feature to email the specified addresses when a user that isn't an administrator attempts to login.

This update also removes the 'Enable Firewall' option.
Fix a bug where the user would be logged in even if an error is shown.
This is the bug fix update. This should solve the server error's.

This release simply contains cleaned code and the use of code event listener hints for the listeners.

  • IP not being recognised if behind CDN or proxy (I just got hit by this).
  • Username not being added to post.
  • Someone logged into AdminCP email even if the IP is incorrect, so they didn't login.
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  • Added branding (sorry)
  • Fixed bugs
  • Now calls parent