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Unmaintained [Aayush] PayPal Donate 1.04

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Great as is but missing a few options. I would like to see a way to put in code to show the button so it can be a true donation. as it sits its basically a payment. Also would like to see an option to allow guests to donate. Other than that its awesome.
I like this add on, it does what you need.
My only wish is to be able to disable the goal amount. I would like my members to be able to donate freely.
It a great add on. Its simple to install , config and use I highly recommend. Althought,it lacks R$ - Brazilian Real
The best donate system that I have seen yet, and this is comparing it to paid addons as well. An addon that the developer released for free which provides so many options. Cudos!
Add-on quality and easy to operate.

All we can ask for this kind add-on is present, lacks the ability to choose the odre placement in the sidebar. Unless I is found!

I can only recommend it, the add-on is the developer.

Congratulations to the developer.
I downloaded this addon thinking it would be a pain to setup but no it was really simple and straight forward. Great & simple addon, I highly recommend this addon to everyone. Although, it lacks CAD - Canadian Dollars
Aayush Agrawal
Aayush Agrawal
Thank you. In next update i will add CAD as currency option.