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Unmaintained [8WR] XenMedio (Media) PRO 1.7.0

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  • You can now submit media in bulk from services that support it. (currently YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion)
  • Only usergroups with the appropriate permission will be able to submit media in bulk.
  • Services now have an additional regular expression field for capturing playlist URLs.
  • The secret admin-only "submit-youtube" action has been removed as it has become redundant with the new bulk support.
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  • Splash page settings have been completely redesigned! People didn't like how hard it was to change the order of elements... so now I've programmed a way where you can select and chose which elements appear in what order! You will have to redo your settings for this, or your splash page will be blank.
  • Custom variable settings now have their own options group.
  • You can now use custom variables to filter down searches. In order to get this system working the way I wanted it to work, I had to remove the "checkboxes" option for custom variable types. I doubt anyone used it though... so it shouldn't be an issue.
I don't know about you guys, but for my forum, this is probably the most important update I've ever released for this addon...
  • You can now tag USERS to media! In the past, you could only tag keywords to media, now you can tag any registered user on your forums to media as well! In addition, these tags can be searched using the *booru filter system I implemented in the last update! For my community, which focuses on Soulcalibur, this addition lets you very easily find tournament videos featuring specific players.
  • Playlists will now display links to *booru filters.
  • You may now filter down results in the "Your Media" tab.
  • Editing and deleting comments now update inline without forcing a page refresh.
  • Users may now like/unlike, watch/unwatch media directly from the bbcode popout.
  • There is now an option to display comments below the video in bbcode popouts. The option says it also allows commenting, but that feature has not been implemented yet and will hopefully be coming in a future update.
  • BUG FIX: custom variables work again.
  • BUG FIX: commenting on a media will no longer up its view count.
  • BUG FIX: empty playlists will no longer post an error.
This is a SIGNIFICANT update. Much of the context of this update can be read here: http://8wayrun.com/threads/new-media-library-changes-and-rules.17221/

This new update has major changes to playlist functionality, and completely changes how keywords work to adds *booru-style keyword filtering.
  • Every media/playlist listing page can now be sorted by a myriad of extra sorting options. Including date, most views, likes, comments, etc...
  • There is now a new "trending" sort option. This trending sort is similar to the "popular" sort, except that it penalizes older views. It basically lists more recent popular videos.
  • There are now general "Media" and "Playlists" pages, where you can view an un-categorized view of submissions. You may further filter down these results using the new filter systems.
  • There is now a "Your Media" sub section on the media subnav. Users can now view a summary of media/playlists they have created and run batch processes on them. Users can also bulk add media directly into a single playlist with these pages.
  • Media can now have high quality thumbnails (up to 640x360 px). When submitting a media, it will store both a high quality thumbnail, and a low quality version (160x90 px).
  • You can rebuild youtube thumbnails for existing videos to get the high quality versions at index.php?media/rebuild-youtube-thumbs. This is a very "hacky" script and no support will be given for using it.
  • The playlist bit has been completely changed. It now looks more like the media bit, but with a "play all" option if you click the thumbnail, instead of going to the playlist summary.
  • Playlists now have views and likes counters. A new media_playlist content type has been added to support users liking playlists.
  • Playlists can now be made public/private/unlisted. Naturally, private playlists will only be viewable by the owned user, and unlisted playlists will not appear in the public listings.
  • The current playlist creation permission has been changed. In the past, it determined who could create playlists. Now, any registered user may create playlists, but only those with the aforementioned permission may create public playlists.
  • Submitting media to a playlist on the playlist summary page will now work better for those forums who have used XenForo's built in route changer to change media/ to something else.
  • There is now an admin option to enable UTF-8 keywords. In the past, keywords would have been converted to basic alpha-numeric characters. I have no idea if there would be any unseen bugs because of this change; so please keep me informed of any issues.
  • Keywords can now have 24x24 px thumbnails. Located at styles/8wayrun/keywords/<keyword_text>.jpg. If no thumbnail is found for a keyword, a generic icon will be used. You may disable keyword icons if you wish.
  • Keywords no longer have their own static pages. Instead, Keywords act as "filters" in all existing listing pages. You can add keywords; multiple if you wish, to filter results.
  • There is now a new permission to allow users to tag keywords to any media; even if they don't own such media. Keyword tagging is "live" and updates in line. In addition, keywords will show who tagged it to a video if you mouse over them.
  • You may chose to enable a *booru-style keyword filter on the top of your sidebar. I personally do not recommend it if you have enabled the creation of new keywords.
  • Some minor template bug fixes.
This is such a huge update that I would not be surprised if I left something out...
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This is a relatively minor update, included to fix some minor bugs...
  • Fixed installer issues for brand new installs.
  • Fixed some minor CSS issues for responsive design.
  • Fixed the alert opt-outs with XenForo 1.2.
  • Fixed the img code sizes for bbcode embeds.
  • This addon is now responsive. Responsive design only works with media hosters which use iFrame based embed codes, such as YouTube and Vimeo.
  • This addon now normalizes with the new XF1.2 user merge feature.
  • Fixed the alert balloon for the "Media Queue" navtab.
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This release brings compatibility for this mod and XenForo 1.2... I hope. There are a lot of changes in XF 1.2, and even though I haven't encountered anymore bugs, doesn't mean they have all been fixed. If you find any bugs, please let me know.
  • Fixed /podcast url for categories. You can now once again use the /podcast url as an alternative to the /rss url in order to serve media to preferred podcast clients.
  • A new switch has been added to service hoster information that makes them as podcast compatible. Only services which have this mark will have their media displayed in a podcast feed... basically, only locally hosted files.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when approving media. With the change to the moderation system in the last version, I left in some erroneous code that wasn't needed anymore.
  • Fixed rss links to media and their comments.
  • Fixed links to media and their comments in alerts.
  • Removed the moderation queue handler from the system. With XenForo 1.1.4, you can now add alert notifications to navigation tabs, the moderation queue has been moved to these alert notifications. You can delete the folder "library/EWRmedio/ModerationQueueHandler" from your server if you wish.
  • Added a "select all" feature to the administrate keywords list.
  • Fixed a bug in the BBcode that broke the OverlayTrigger.
  • XenPorta blocks have been included in this release.
This new version of XenMedio completely redesigns the link routing system. Users should be made aware that URLs to many pages within this mod have been changed in order to accommodate the new route controller. All the data remains the same, but the URLs to pages will be different. With these changes, users can expect a 5-10% boost in performance.

If you are upgrading from the free version, you may notice that many URLs have changed. Don't worry however, as it is very easy to use .htaccess to route around these changes.​
RedirectMatch 301 ^/community/media/([a-z]+)/([\w-]+\.\d+)([\/\w]*) http://xenforo.com/community/media/$2/$1$3
Just use the above mod_rewrite redirect code in your XenForo installation's .htaccess file. The code above assumes your forum is at http://xenforo.com/community, you will need to change it to match your forum before it will function correctly.​

The "premium" features of the free version have been included in this "pro" package. You will receive not only the premium version of this mod, but all supported hosters. If you already had the premium version of the free mod, you will be emailed a link to buy this pro version at a discount... as soon as I figure out how to do it in FetchApp...
  • You can now DELETE services you do not use. It is recommended you delete unsupported services that have been dropped from the free version.
  • Service hosters now use individual php functions, instead of a unified system. This will help for services such as PicasaWeb which need multiple http gets in order to retrieve information.
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