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    Still no way to delete a user and all their content.

    Another feature people have been asking for, for nearly 6 years and XF hasn't implemented it. Why are we not able to delete a user and all their content on one simple page? My understanding is I have to go through and spam clean them on some completely separate interface just to take care of...
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    XF 2.2 No "BANNED" / STRIKETHROUGH on users who aren't permanently banned.

    So I gave a user a 1 week temporary limitation on their account. Technically its a 1 week ban, but you don't want to display "BANNED" under the username on every one of their posts, with a big STRIKETHROUGH on their username. This implies they've been booted from the forums forever. In...
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    XF 2.2 Administrative UserGroup has basic capabilities turned off. This is not intuitive.

    Also - why does putting a user into Administrative usergroup not give them admin powers? Why do I have to go through an entirely separate step to "Make them an Admin" using some completely other tool on some other separate page? Like, why do you even have the option in the dropdown if it...
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    XF 2.2 Administrative UserGroup has basic capabilities turned off. This is not intuitive.

    Steps: Log in as Admin > Go to Admin control panel Users > Create User Enter Username Enter Fake / placeholder Email address Enter Password User State: Valid User Group: Administrative Log out and back in as the new user. Can't see the forums. Whats the logic here? The...
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    Don't hide pagination at the top of threads on mobile

    Why is it hidden? Making people hack their forums just to have obvious features like this doesn't make sense. Please put the numbers back at the top. Don't hide them. And don't hide the "Dislike" inside sprites, and only display the "Like". Who is making these decisions @Kier
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    Duplicate No Pagination Numbers At the top on Mobile

    Why was this decision made to not include page numbers at the top under the title on mobile? @Kier
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    Not planned Poor handling of the Like / Dislike option.

    I just finally upgraded to 2.0 and subsequently 2.2 Dislike should not be hidden inside the "Sprite" section. Both should be visible on front end as a default feature - with the option to enable or disable one or both. Putting it into the sprite area hides the "Dislike" option from view...
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    UI.X 2

    Hi @Ian Hitt - I asked this question back in 2019 but I don't know if you ever replied. Sorry. Now its been almost 2 years so does that last line still apply? Does UIX Classic function improperly or not have perfect parity with XF 2.x ? Thanks
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    UI.X 2

    @Ian Hitt - on the UIX Classic, are there any features missing because you guys tried to get the design to look like the old one? This line concerns me: "There may be some features it does not have perfect parity with, but many are indeed planned. "
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    UI.X 2

    Thanks for not getting offended and thanks for that link. I'll use it. Its extremely unfortunate when forward progress in overall tech results in a loss of features simply due to the new restrictions imposed. I have 70,000 screaming forum members that are not going to be happy about this...
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    Significant design downgrade from XF1 to XF2

    It is because of the changes in structure and function from XF1 to XF2 that all the Styles no doubt had to downgrade their designs. So this question is appropriate for XenForo. There isn't one because all the themes had to downgrade their designs for the new XF2. The theme above is from UIX...
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    UI.X 2

    Hi guys - sorry im 2 years late but why the massive downgrade in design quality? Am i missing something? OLD.................... NEW: .................... I dont see how anyone in their right mind can look at that second design and be okay with it after enjoying the incredible talent...
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    Significant design downgrade from XF1 to XF2

    EDIT: I realize my examples are of the UIX Style. But everything I am writing here relates to XF2 as a software. UIX and all the other Styles had to kill their designs and downgrade because of the XF2 limitations / requirements. ----------------------- Xenforo 2 design seems like a...
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    XF 1.5 Spam Log Missing on User Approvals

    I have stop forum spam enabled and I have self-verification enabled for new registrants, but I am now seeing users that are getting stopped during registration show up in my approval list - and they have no "reason" listed. Example below showing one with a reason and another (which I've never...
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    XF 1.5 Banner Ad Spot Acting Strangely

    I remember an advertising banner spot that appeared only under the first message/post in a thread. I believe it was Ad_message_below But now when I put ad code there, it puts a banner under every single message on the page. (side note, I don't know who thought this would be desirable to...