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    How long will Xenforo 1.x be supported after Xenforo 2.x comes out?

    Facebook was probably a bad example half the world is ditching them and the other half of the world is just being introduced to them. Hard to gauge what's really going on when it comes to their stats, not to mention they can throw as much money as they want at a problem if and when any ever...
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    How long will Xenforo 1.x be supported after Xenforo 2.x comes out?

    They didn't get to 2 billion subscribers by giving everybody a piece of paper and a pencil and call it texting. Facebook or not where do you think your site would be with 1999 software today? 2010 for that matter. Or maybe s significant portion of their 2 billion subscribers is because they...
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    How long will Xenforo 1.x be supported after Xenforo 2.x comes out?

    when I think about every change that Facebook has made over the years, and all the people that complained about those changes. Then I wonder where Facebook would be today if they never updated from version one. My guess is nobody would be talking about Facebook today if they never updated...
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    [J] Ban VPN and Proxies [Deleted]

    I believe android and Apple will begin shipping their future devices with A default VPN service sooner than later. It's just good practice anymore. In the USA they just made it legal for all ISPs to collect your meta-data and sell it. in Australia I believe it's required for all online...
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    Do you cover your webcam?

    Mark Zuckerberg tapes over his webcam. Should you? In the picture Zuckerberg posted, of himself framed by a cardboard Instagram UI (cute), his laptop is visible in the background. And as Christopher Olson pointed out, that laptop has some weird accoutrements:
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    Attack on WTC - 15th Anniversary

    It truly did. I'm old enough now to have seen the pendulum swing fully in both directions. I remember the excitement and optimism of the Berlin wall coming down, the end of the Cold War and the fleeting feeling of world solidarity. And then 4 planes were hijacked. Fast forward 15 years and...
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    Where is Kier?

    Same thing can probably be said about those who have such strong opinions against something so benign and insignificant as an inquiry to another person's well-being. Back in the day that used to be considered A kind gesture. apparently today it's considered creepy by today's standards...
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    Where is Kier?

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    Where is Kier?

    When the barefoot emoticon vanishes then we have something to worry about. :barefoot:
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    Where is Kier?

    Last I checked he still is. :barefoot:
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    XF 1.5 Updated from 1.5.2 to 1.5.9 - Members Pages Now Missing

    If I understand what you're saying, That page just needs to be enabled in the ACP
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    XF 1.5 Facebook liking vs. sharing

    interesting i guess i never noticed the default share buttons don't technically share much of anything.. Alternately you can use the numerical post sharing permalinks found next to the like and reply buttons of every post. At one time i used a font awesome icon next to to corresponding numeral...
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    Premium Xenforo Skins?

    My favorite part of UI.X is the installer that nags you to upgrade it every other week.. And once you purchase UI.X if you intend to keep your XF software UTD you will be forced to keep renewing UI.X since its version specific to XF's version... Not to mention the installer is simply an extra...
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    sonnb - XenGallery (XenForo Gallery) [Deleted]

    I like different things about both.. and am literally torn down the middle.. I ultimately decided on XFMG only because it came with official support and had a few more third party options.. But i will say i miss XenGallery and think its a better product.. I recently reinstalled the XenGallery...