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I imported my forum and all of the posts with youtube look like this [video=youtube;GzesqlQyf5Q]

How do I fix this so the videos appear in the post?

Chris D

XenForo developer
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What are you referring to?

The fact that videos are automatically embedded? Is this not desirable?

If you would prefer that automatic embedding not to happen, you can disable the feature in Admin CP > Options > Messages > Do not auto-embed media links

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Oh I see.

Is it that all of your old imported vBulletin posts has code that looks like this: [video=youtube[/plain]

Try this post by Jake Bunce:

[quote="Jake Bunce, post: 297772, member: 9"]Use Kier's addon:


Here is the code you need to use with this addon:

[B]Quick Find:[/B] [video

[B]Regular Expression:[/B] #\[video=youtube;([^\]]+)\]([^\[]+)\[/video\]#siU

[B]Replacement String:[/B] [plain][media=youtube]\1[/media]

Here is a picture:

View attachment 22162 [/quote]