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RM 1.1 Youtube video (resource) creates problem in discussion page


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I use the resource manager to post educational resource videos, which are basically youtube embeds. The resource page is great but the 1st post of the discussion page, with the synopsis, contains a mini youtube embed - it is impossible to put this into full screen and impossible to watch at that mini size. If you click full screen then the page itself goes full screen with a tiny embedded video in the top left .

Does anyone have a workaround that would allow full screen to function, or better still, to stop the embed showing up in the 1st post?

Hope you understand what I mean. Could this be considered a bug?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
It is due to this:

.bbCodeQuote iframe,
.bbCodeQuote object,
.bbCodeQuote embed
max-height: 150px;
max-width: 200px;
You can override that by editing the CSS or adding to EXTRA.css.

You will also need to increase the minimum height of quoted content in Style Properties.


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@Brogan Thank you. Is there a way to either replace the embed with a message (such as: to see the video, click the resource tab) or fix it so that full screen works?

If the full screen can't function then I'd rather remove the video from the quote. Since the video is often the only content in the resource then it would best to substitute a message.

Any reason why full screen wont function properly?


XenForo developer
Staff member
I looks like it may be a bug of some sort (if you're seeing what I'm seeing), but it's a browser-level thing so it's not something we have any control over. (It may be linked to the iframe size so that CSS above is probably relevant.)