XF 1.5 Youtube link conversions

I'm probably in the wrong forum, but I figured this was a close guess...

I was running vB 3.8, and to embed a youtube video we would do it like this: [youtube]TPiVQS6GNUk[/youtube], where TPiVQS6GNUk is the data that comes after the v= in the youtube link.

What's a good one-step way to make these all work again? I tried coding that into the Edit BB Code Media Site: YouTube setting but failed. I guess I could use language settings to recode the first tag into something that translates into a proper video link, but doing so won't automagically embed the formerly embedded video.

I'm sure there's a quick 'n dirty solution I haven't thought of yet. Or someone who can tell me how a competent person would key that into the BB code media site settings. :p


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XF uses different embed code.

You can run these queries to update the post content.
UPDATE xf_post SET message = REPLACE(message, '[youtube]', '[media=youtube]');

UPDATE xf_post SET message = REPLACE(message, '[/youtube]', '[/media]');

Take a backup first.