MG 2.2 Dealing with YouTube API audits and ToS violations linked to XFMG thumbnail overlays


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Part of my site utilises YouTube Data API (independent to XenForo Media Gallery), so from time to time Google's YouTube API services conducts an audit. This time, violations have been attributed to XFMG. Has anyone else had this misfortune? The issue is with presence of overlays on media list pages.
C.1 Implementing YouTube Features Requirements for Minimum Functionality for YouTube API Services ("RMF").​
Violation: API Client must not use overlays, frames or other visual elements to obscure any part of an embedded player, including player controls.​

The elements that have been flagged are itemList-itemTypeIcon and itemList-itemOverlay. Example:

I have argued that a thumbnail image is not the same as an embedded player (having no ability to play a video), but they won't budge from this decision. Their justification is "A thumbnail is a part of an embedded video." I then pointed out that puts overlays over thumbnails to show video duration in the bottom right corner, but they wouldn't change their mind. 😒

Seems the only option might be to restyle XFMG media lists since I've not found a way to escalate the audit to a different person. Are there any bright ideas out there for getting YouTube API Services to reconsider their interpretation of what is and is not an embedded player? 😕

The other issue is F.2.b User Experience Branding. In xfmg_media_list.less uses YouTube logo as the default icon for embeds, which means it can appear for non-YouTube embeds. This one looks more black and white so have submitted as a bug report:
The usage of the YouTube icon may be reasonable to change, but I strongly disagree with their assessment about this thumbnail overlay issue and my only recommendation is to push back.

It is in no way, shape or form an embedded player. An embedded player would be the use of the YouTube embed code which the media list pages does not do.
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