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I noticed that xF has the swf version of the youtube embedding, so I decided to give the new, iframe version a try. I now understand why you only use the swf version, but is there a way to make the iframe version work nicely?

Here's my problem: normally the page loads fine. However, whenever ther's a "popup", the iframe stays on top:


This is NOT the built-in youtube embedding (that works fine), but their new, iframe method.

The reason I'd like to use the iframe version is the play/pause feature. If I use the swf version, clicking the movie will launch a new window with the video's youtube page. With the new iframe version, clicking on the video pauses/resumes, which is much more user-friendly.

Any ideias how the iframe could stay below xF's popup?


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There's not much that can be done as it's the browser wmode bug which causes the video to sit on top of overlays.
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Their iframe version doesn't put the wmode in, so we have no control over it, thus it's not possible to prevent (short of hiding the flash in all sorts of situations, which actually causes other issues).
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