xframe denied - no iframe embedding?


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My 1.1.3 version of XF will allow me to use iframe to embed an external or local website, but 1.1.4 will not.

Example you can create a test.html file

<iframe src="http://www.xenforo.com/community/"></iframe>
will result in a blank iframe because xframe is denied.

I'm unsure of how to adjust the headers I read somewhere about using
header('X-Frame-Options: GOFORIT');
but that doesn't seem to be working... I've probably not inserted that in the wrong area or it's being overwritten and I'm not sure where....


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Found my answer... lol I really need to not post questions anymore...
>.> search clickjacking here and you'll find your answer
Thank you Brogan. I did get to that, but it is isn't working. I tried the true and false flags, rebuild cache for good measure, and still no luck either way. There must be something else keeping me from successfully making an iframe page node.