Youtube embedded videos break links on iOS


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On my forum v1.1.3 I noticed that embedded youtube videos break the links below the message area. The links that do not work are the Edit and Report links. The Like and Reply links to the right work fine.

If the youtube video is playing than the links work properly.

Again this is only an issue with iOS. I have the latest version of iOS on the iPad and iPhone that I test with.

Other embedded videos like Liveleak work fine.

In testing here on Xenforo v1.1.4 I cannot duplicate the problem.

I've reverted my 'post' template which didn't solve the problem.

Anyone else experience this issue?

Chris D

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This is potentially a bug / browser issue.

I can replicate this on my dev machine via my iPhone.

It seems like there maybe some extended padding which creeps over these links therefore making them unclickable. I also can't click the date link, username or inline moderation checkboxes.

After I start playing the video and I exit playing the video, I can click the links again.

I can't even click the Quick Reply box.

We perhaps need an Android type person to verify... I know just the person who can verify it on an Android device:


Chris D

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Bloody Android show offs :rolleyes:

Seems like it is specifically an iOS problem then.

Potentially not anything you can fix, then, AndyB. Nor is it a XenForo issue.


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Yes it's an iOS problem. Here's an example where the link is dead until you start playing the video.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
<br />
<a href="">Xenforo</a>