- Still adjusting to XF

Seeing as this is a showcase, I see no reason why not to shamelessly post a link here ;)

We're a young board (4 months in total), who recently moved over from myBB. Xenforo is treating us great. Our target audience is male/female aged 13-25 with an interest in politics and getting involved in politics. As an organisation we're hoping to eventually branch out into the physical world and run workshops in schools, etc. It's been a bumpy ride. There are still a couple of things I need to fix (namely a couple of layout/template problems), but we're pretty much at the point now where I'm happy with the site.

Tell us what you think, but be nice ;)

P.s. We initially used Postloop for content, then slowly decreased the budget there and started Facebooks ads. All the content you see now is genuine. Postloop was only on for a couple of weeks or so.