XF 1.5 Yourdomain.com Index Issue and Xenforo picture


My index.php is forcing my site to say "yourdomain.com" index instead of saying "website name" or showing a picture of my website icon when i post in places such as skype. It also shows the Xenforo picture instead of my own icon or website picture. Does anyone know how to fix this? Should I upload a file with a particular name to my domain so it shows a picture instead of "yourdomai.com"?
I was told to edit the index page, the index page has been changed to all xenforo information.
The phpbb information has been removed, and the cache forcefully updated. The issue still persists.
The phpbb help site has stated this as a xenforo issue, and xenforo has told me to ask the community where to put my website information to replace the value "yourdomain index etc"

The Phpbb method is to change "ACP> Board settings> Site name: Yourdomain.com" however I do not have access to this board or its information because my board is xenforo not phpbb and I do not know where to change the settings or values in xenforo.
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