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  1. jca

    XF 2.1 To install in root directory, or not, that is the question...

    I'm converting a vBulletin 4 site (using the /forums directory), with the vBAdvanced add-on as the front page (root directory) of the site. I need to recreate this arrangement in Xenforo. I've seen various threads, FAQs, etc. about whether Xenforo should be installed in the root directory, in a...
  2. ioneti

    Error domain - index?

    hi i dont know why my forum only can enter with and i cant go with WHY? Thanks
  3. iseamonet

    XF 1.5 Index Issue and Xenforo picture

    My index.php is forcing my site to say "" index instead of saying "website name" or showing a picture of my website icon when i post in places such as skype. It also shows the Xenforo picture instead of my own icon or website picture. Does anyone know how to fix this? Should I...
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