You know you have been working with web design/editing/development for too long when...



not for everybody:p

many don't want to put everything about their life on google webspace^^


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Ah, so Word....does not communicate with the mothership? Sure, I trust MS.

I actually use various programs, free and cheap, locally for basic writing - BBedit, Testedit, Textwrangler and even Pages, which I paid $25 for (to make newsletters).

But I stopped upgrading Word at about 5.1 for Mac, which as I remember was 1998 or so. I paid one too many upgrade fees......

If I was writing a novel, I'd probably pick it up again.....actually, I have been writing a book, but google docs and pages are doing a bang up job on that. My first short is 99 cents on Amazon. Try it, you'll like it!
[/shameless plug]

KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) allows word files, html and epub.....Pages exports in all those formats and more - I used epub and it worked great!

Adam Howard

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You know you have been working with web design/editing/development for too long when...

  • You start reviewing other people's code
  • You start fixing other people's code
  • You start to use html, css, php, and script commands in documents
  • You start to wish you could fix life through code

Chris D

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I watch movies in code now...

Terminator 2 is a good film.

public static void main(String[] args)
    Terminator t1000 = new T1000();
    Person johnConnor = new FutureResistanceLeader();
    t1000.setMission(new TerminateTargetMission(johnConnor));
    Terminator arnie = new T800();
    arnie.setMission(new ProtectTargetMission(johnConnor));
    TimeTravel travel = new TimeTravel(1991, LA.getLatLng());
    TimeTravel travel2 = new TimeTravel(1991, LA.getLatLng());
    while(!johnConnor.isTerminated() && !t1000.isTerminated() )
    setJudgementDay(new Terminator3().getJudgementDay()); 
    resistance = null;


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FYI, when I first created web pages (1994) there were NO tools with which to do so. There were not even any text editors with built in commands. There were almost no books, but I found one called How to Be A Webmaster.

I read it and stayed up the whole night thinking "I'm gonna be a webmaster and rule the world".....

Amazingly enough, AOL was distributing a free downloadable program (mac) which was able to put together a basic web page. Between that and text editors, I was able to hack together my first web pages! But connecting to the internet was a completely different story! I'll tell that take later, but suffice it be said that I spent many a day just trying to connect!

Wow, this is weird. The original NCSA Mosaic Home Page (this is the org that wrote the first internet browser and where Mark A left from to turn the same browser into Netscape) has an announcement for my first web page - for my wood stove store, Stoveworks (medford, NJ).

Really - the wayback machine! October, 1995.
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