Yeah, Just purchased my copy

Tracy Perry

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probbly won't be for long once you find what XF is like!

This "hobby" is starting to get expensive for me!
First - get a shared host at Host Gator and xF and a few add-ons.
Second - dump HostGator and get a VPS and prepay for a year
Third - buy another license and start up a second forum with a few paid add-ons
Fourth - within 2 months of getting the VPS get the itch for a dedicated server so just ordered one today (BTW, ServerComplete has a heck of a deal on a Dual Intel Xeon L5520 w 24GB memory and 1TB SATA drive @ 69.99 per month)
Fifth - waiting for that other shoe to drop ;)

Tracy Perry

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Other shoe dropped... upping the server to 2 120GB SSD drives and going to software raid them - and then another server just for "play purposes" (oh, and going to keep the RamNode VPS for the rest of the year and then probably drop it down to a smaller one and use it for .... something - haven't figured out what yet..
Oh... and I was wrong on the price... they are at $55 for the server. :eek:

Tracy Perry

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Looks very cheap (y)

Normal price is $149.99, so yeah, they are running a heck of a deal right now (probably a little older equipment, but for me I don't need the latest/greatest). So far I'm really pleased with them. In fact, the newest one was automatically provisioned with Debian Wheezy instead of Debian Squeeze for me.

Tracy Perry

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Looks like it got cheaper.

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Yep... the $69.99 is what you see on their website - BUT - when you go to purchase it, they reduce it to $55 without adding any codes in.
This is my my latest one I ordered and is running $110 (the SSD's added $45 and the bandwidth change was an additional $10) - BTW, even tho' it shows Debian 6, they provisioned it with Debian 7.

Dual Intel Xeon L5520 -
Processor: Dual Intel Xeon L5520
Memory: 24GB DDR3 ECC
Primary Hard Drive: 128GB SSD
Secondary Hard Drive: 128GB SSD
Bandwidth: 30TB @ 1Gbps
IP Addresses: 1 IP Address
Operating System: Debian 6 (64-bit)
Control Panel: None
Data Center: Jacksonville, FL