Won't fix Yahoo YUI 2 - Need to update

Adam Howard

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This isn't a suggestion, nor is it a comment. So I'm going to list this as a bug.

Yahoo YUI 2 is reaching end of life

And even if you settle on ignoring this; you have version 2.7.0 used xenforo_reset.css (not sure where else)

Last v2 release was 2.8.2 which was released on October 25, 2010 and was only a security update (which affected version 2.4.0 through 2.8.1).

Please for the security of your site (and customers), update.

Adam Howard

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Found some old YUI here too


That seems to be the end of the template where YUI are used.

Have yet to check the files (hard code)


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I don't believe it is a security concern as those are css files. They do use the third party Minify library but even that they only use it to shrink css files /library/XenForo/CssOutput.php and that's done without the yuicompressor jar. Thus I don't think there's a reason for concern here.


XenForo developer
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Yeah, no plans to update this - no security issue in the base CSS and there's no point potentially breaking anything with this.