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[XTR] Old Thread Notice 1.0.3

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XDinc submitted a new resource:

[XD] Old Thread Notice - Add a notice to the thread if it is over than X days old.

  • Don't upgrade this add-on with old version (File directories have been changed.)
What does this add-on do?
This add-on adds a warning to the selected position of threads with the most recent reply being more than a specified number of days ago.
This might be used to remind users not to post in really old threads.

What's New

  • This addon has been updated with support for XF2.1
  • Added new display...

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@XDinc Can be add option or make separate add-on for can be set Thread Reply Banner for all thread via admin CP? So we can set show some rules about the rules for spam user.


I went to the site to download it but it is in Turkish and I can't find the download button. Can you please link to it here? Also, is registering an account on the other forum necessary?
I think you are using VPN :) ...
Could you please try to without proxy (I send the add-on via PM)
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