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[OzzModz] Old Thread Warning 2.0.2

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Ozzy47 submitted a new resource:

[OzzModz] Old Thread Warning - Show a warning on old threads

This addon will show a warning to users if a thread has not received a reply in a certain amount of days which is defined in the addon settings. You can also exclude the warning from showing on threads in certain forums. There is also usergroup permissions so you can disable the warning for certain usergroups.

You can also choose to disable the "Post reply" button until the user checks a checkbox acknowledging that they know the thread is old and want to reply anyway. This is on by default...

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Hi @Ozzy47,

Thanks for the add-on. It seems to not work to me in a question-type thread, just for regular threads. Should it work there as well?

Hi Ozzy47,

Could this addon be used to stop new members or bots from posting on threads older than 6 months, or a year? We got a few old threads being revived by new members who post meaningless content (GPT4?).

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