XF 1.5 XML Sitemap Question


I have a question about my site's XML sitemap.

I clearly remember downloading it at one point and then being able to open it inside Dreamweaver just to check things over.

Recently, after I download the sitemap, I have been unable to open and inspect the sitemap. Most of the time Dreamweaver crashes when I try opening it. On the few rare times it did open, the file contained all kinds of strange encoded characters (instead of your normal sitemap layout with normal text).

The sitemap file opens fine in Notepad++ (meaning the program doesn't crash when I try opening my XML file), but again, all encoded characters instead of the standard XML sitemap layout.

Is there something wrong with my site or the way it's generating its sitemap? I've tested it in Google Webmaster tools and it says everything is ok, but I can't check the file out myself and I'm not sure why this is. Can anyone help?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Your sitemap file is compressed with gzip. (It downloads in a .gz format, not .xml, though some operating systems might hide the actual extension).

macOS opens and uncompresses these natively, revealing the enclosed XML file. For Windows you might need to download something like 7zip to get the XML file out.