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[XFR] Xenia

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Long ago I made ​​a style for the my vB forum (now almost inactive) - vBStyle. And now I want to share a version for XenForo.

xenia_forum-home_guest.png xenia_forum-home_user.png xenia_thread-view.png xenia_message-view.png

Demo (fixed)
Demo (fluid)

I hope you will enjoy. Although the color may not appeal to everyone :)

XF 1.0.4 - 1.0.1
XF 1.1.1 - 1.1.0 Final

Font used in Logo - Galapogos BRK

Changed templates:
  • EXTRA.css
  • footer
  • PAGE_CONTAINER (reverted in 1.0.1)
  • sidebar_visitor_panel
Usage Rights

You may...
  • Use the style freely and without restriction on any number of sites.
  • Redistribute the style without my permission.
  • Modify the style to suit your site or needs, as long as you retain the branding/copyright notice ("Xenia Theme by Romchik®"). This includes changing images, CSS edits, template edits, etc.
You may not...
  • Remove the theme branding ("Xenia Theme by Romchik®") without a branding-free license. The cost of a branding free license is $20.
  • Attempt to convert the style to other platforms or in any way copy the visual design of the style.
Branding Free Option

The price is $20 and gives you the right to remove the Xenia branding from one (1) installation of Xenia on one forum.
This is a branding-free license only. Purchasing the branding-free option does not entitle you to extra support or priority support.




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  • Initial release
  • Template with breadcrumb menu has been reverted
  • Quicknav icon has been replaced
1.1.0 beta 2:
  • Style adapted for XenForo 1.1.0 beta 2
  • Nodes icons moved into sprites
  • Forum icons moved into sprites
1.1.0 beta 3:
  • Style adapted for XenForo 1.1.0 beta 3
1.1.0 Final
  • Style adapted for XenForo 1.1.0 Final and 1.1.1 (no changes since RC1)
  • Small fix in User Profile


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Love it! I like the colors, the sidebar styling, I just love it.
Great job!

p.s. I hope you're going to do more designing for XF.


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What a great Style.

Fast, nice colours, easy on the eye and as above, I also like the little touches that you have incorporated.

More please :)


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I love the color scheme of it, only thing I would suggest changing which I'm sure it's easy too is the banner graphic on the top right. It seems like it was done off a tutorial 9 years ago creating cool signatures ;p, gorgeous color scheme though, and great little details added :) No offense by the banner! Great job


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Nice looking style. :cool:

Anybody try running it with Jaxel's portal yet? If so, did you have a solution for the extra border that shows up on the news module?


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Romchik, that is indeed one of the issues I was having.

I read Jaxel's response to you in that thread but, to be honest, I'm not understanding why the main content block is using the 'sidebar' class either :unsure: but it looks better with the edit you have.

Also about to send you a PC on a different topic.... :)


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Excellent Theme :)

Don't spose anyone has a suitable similar wordpress theme for this at all they could point me towards? Would be good to be able to integrate the two and make them look joined :)
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