Implemented XFMG video upload

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Indeed it was planned and was available in a beta but was pulled because Chris wasn't happy with it. In fact, up until this new version of XFMG was released, the permissions for video uploads existed in user groups.


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if this does end up supporting mp4 uploads it would be the perfect media gallery ever.

sites like clip bucket etc atm dont support latest php versions, nor support html5. many people like myself are at a stand still, wondering if these sites
will even ever upgrade their scripts. i got a feeling my video site sitting there with errors not supporting new php, its all over, no other scripts to convert to, nothing.

turning to forums like xenforo to host your own videos and for members to...its by far the safest choice. as in, we know there will be a future with updates, and that makes life a lot more better. even bought video scripts are not updating. wheres people going to go, yeah no where, if a script is dead, its all over atm.

theres many vb/ip.boards etc members wanting video/mp3 this and that. im not saying theres a massive demand, but since working with boards since 2006, ive never seen so many requests for html5 players in threads, attachments etc.

just being able to upload an mp4 or mp3 from your computer and using in a post within the forum software bbcodes would be great. rather than uploading to your own server or a separate upload script.

so far pretty much no forum software supports .mp4 attachments and have them play in say iphone player etc.
its hard for some new members to even work out to upload a video somewhere and use the bbcodes in a thread.

whether someone can create a file uploader that supports .mp3/.mp4 to use full url in posts...or...could this media gallery solve all our issues by adding an html5 player with share link?


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@Chris D could we get this even if it doesnt support ffmpg but can play mp4?

agreed, even if we can use own own background image in the code, as long as we can upload mp4 would be amazing. im about to install a file upload script separately from xenforo, just for members to be able to upload mp3/mp4 and use full link to add to jwplayer bbcode in thread. didnt want to have to do it this way.


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Would love to see this happen and should be fairly straightforward if forum admins upload videos that have been already been encoded into an HTML5 friendly format.

Where it gets challenging though is if you allow members to upload videos to the gallery.

Since the advent of video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, users have the expectation of wanting to easily upload any video file and expect it to be processed and playable in a timely manner across all devices. But on shared hosts it is not possible to install the software to achieve this, and even on a VPS or dedicated server it may not be a great idea to do video encoding on the same server as your forum.

So an option to link video uploads to off-site services such as MaxCDN or Amazon CloudFront that support Wowza Media Server would be a welcome addition.
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I vote this suggestion!

Although at the moment there is over 500 embeded videos. If they where hosted on my server that would be close to 100 Gigs!

I'm not sure what i would do. I guess buy more space? :unsure:

I still want this feature tho! It sounds fun.
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