XFMG Quick Edits


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Sometimes people post photos from their camera roll onto social media. Most platforms allow you to do quick edits by scribbling out faces, license plates, etc. with a pencil or putting a "sticker" over an undesirable object in a photo (say, for example, a child).

I suggest that XFMG somehow implements a quick edit option (to include mirroring, rotating, etc.) and allowing to draw over photos with lines, etc., to scribble stuff out or even apply a sticker before it's uploaded.

This would somewhat revolutionize XFMG and forum software galleries altogether, and I believe all software as a whole, as it would allow one to make edits in the browser/PWA as opposed to restarting after editing on a PC/mobile device in an app, causing minutes to go buy, and, ultimately leading to them giving up.
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