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XFA submitted a new resource:

[XFA] Thread Template - Define thread message templates for your forums !

Thread Template lets you define default message template for each of your nodes.

It can be useful for example if there are information you'd like to have when your user post support requests.


  • Configurable per forum from the add/edit node pages

Install/Uninstall instructions...

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You mean that the template would apply for all posts and threads of the forum to which it's applied ?


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Is there any problem with this and php7?
I installed it on my test server and didn't get any textbox in admin node.
Tested on my real server that is not php7 yet, there it worked.


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Hum not that I know of, haven't tested though as I don't have a php7 webserver though.
Do you get any error in server log ?


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It would be better (for us) if it is not converted in the editor. We use it for a review template and members have to fill it in first (ranking stars) what they can't do this way.


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Ah wait you meant before being displayed in the editor to the user ?

I assume not then.


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No, i mean in the editor it is converted.

We have this in the thread template:

[B]Beoordeling: [IMG]http://forum.bodybuilding.nl/styles/default/bodybuilding.nl/review_rating/star10.png[/IMG] 10/10 ++ Aanrader[/B]

[*][B]Soort supplement:[/B] (vul in)
[*][B]Wat is de werking van dit supplement volgens de producent?[/B] (vul in)
[*][B]Voor welk doel gebruik je dit supplement vooral?[/B] (vul in)
[*][B]Hoe lang heb je het supplement gebruikt?[/B] (vul in)
[*][B]Hoe is de smaak van dit supplement?[/B] (vul in)
[*][B]Welke dosis heb je gebruikt?[/B] (vul in)
[*][B]Waar heb je het supplement gekocht?[/B] (vul url en/of naam in)
[*][B]Welke extra voordelen gaf deze winkel?[/B] (vul in)
[*][B]Wat heb je voor dit supplement betaald?[/B] (vul in €)
[*][B]Zou je dit supplement in de toekomst opnieuw kopen?[/B] (vul in)

[B]Mijn review:[/B]

(Schrijf hier je review).

When you start a new thread the BB code gets already converted in the editor before posting. So the review rating does not work anymore.
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Perhaps an issue when installing.
Can you post a screenshot of the structure of your xf_thread table please ?