XF 1.5 xf_data_registry issue


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I've installed Widget Framework 2.5.9 in Xenforo 1.5.1. And I doubt it's not working proper, since the listing page of widget looks like the attached image.

Also, when I deleted one entry with data_key "simpleCache" from xf_data_registry table since I wanted to refresh my right sidebar, my right sidebar is not displaying now.

Any clues?


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Tracy Perry

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Yes, ask in the add-on thread as you are more likely to get a response.
And if you are correct about 1.5.1, you are 10 releases behind so I would recommend upgrading to the latest XenForo release also.
If you are using PHP 7, last time I checked you needed to get the BETA version of the widget add-on from his site (or maybe it was GitHub, but it is discussed in said thread that I referred to for the add-on).