Adsense randomly not displaying on threadview. Other ads no issue.

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I got a widget which displays ads from Adsense in a widget in the sidebar on my forum.
Also I configured adsense to add a wide add bar on the bottom of my forums, this is done in the "advertising" part of the forum.
I have ads from some other party, they never fail.

Now something very odd is happening and that's over the whole forums.
On (as far as I can see) random occasions in threads, the Adsense ad is not displayed, only the ones from the other advertiser (bol).

Working example:

Non working example in the same forum:
On side and bottom only the bol advertisements are shown, not the Adsense ones.

It's not a year thing (older thread reason). In this subforum a lot don't work, but this wan is working again:

I checked on other forums, because I first thought it was not working when another link was posted in the thread. But that is not the case, I've also seen working ads where links were posted in the thread.

So it looks like this is happening randomly, but why? Why only in some threads not and in others no issue? Main page never an issue.
Forum lists also no issue, only in threadview on various threads randomly.

If it were cookies, I would have them either everywhere, or nowhere. Tested with several browsers, also with Edge and Chrome which I never use to login (so no cookies accepted or refused) and same links do show, or not show the adsense ads.

I'm not interested in a 3rd party addon, this should just work this way, so I'm looking for as to why this can happen and if this might be caused by some bug or something odd from Adsense, since other ads work.

I do not use auto ads from Adsense, only auto format/
This is my code from the advertising section which takes care of the bottom adsense banner:
<br /><div style="text-align:center;">
<script async src=""
<!-- Forumhome, na forums -->
<ins class="adsbygoogle"
     (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
</div><br />
These are just guesses, but:
  • certain threads don't have enough content or have content in them that Google doesn't like (e.g. adult topics)
  • some forums have permissions set that prevents Google from seeing them so it doesn't serve an ad
Your code is fine (although you should black out your account # starting with "ca-pub-").

Certain ads might not have any display ad inventory available for the limited/small ad size for the widget. I've found the best results for such small ads is to create a fixed size ad unit, since the ad within the widget will never be responsive anyway.

@StarArmy Thank you for thinking with me, but both are unfortunately not the case.
Same happens in threads with more posts with simple conversations. All forums which Adsense is in have guest view active.

black out your account # starting with "ca-pub-
Yes I've thought about that, in the early days that was needed as far as I remember.
But is it of any use to hide this nowadays? Because when in the page source of any site/forum with adsense, the ca-pub- code is readable in plaintext.

since the ad within the widget will never be responsive anyway.
That would indeed be a possibility if it was only the ad in the widget.
But as you can see in my first post, in exactly the same threads this also happens with the wide banner at the bottom, which is made in the advertising section, so no widget and no limited small size either.

I editted my thread title to make clear it's not only in widgets.
Well it seems some odd Adsense issue so I don't think we need to bother.
Both in Advertising and widget.
I tested with a friend. Sometimes on some threads nothing is to be seen. Not with either Chrome, or Firefox or Edge.
In some occasions if you wait a couple of minutes longer, suddenly they appear.
In other occuasions they stay away, and then after a long time, like an hour, suddenly they appear in all browsers, as well on my system as also on my friends system.
And in some occasions (like the first link) they just don't re-appear.

Maybe it's caused by opcache.
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