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In a similar fashion to Xenforo 2's attachment system using content-specific generic icons for certain file types, I think XFMG could be improved with a special 'generic' thumbnail for audio uploads. The current '...' thumbnail is a bit confusing in this case, as there is not enough contrast to clearly see the small white headphone icon in the top right corner to indicate it is an audio file.


On a related point, I think the fontawesome headphones icon (\f025) used here would be better swapped with the fontawesome music icon (\f001). XFMG already uses the music icon on the add media screen so it would make things more consistent. To be honest (and this is more a criticism of this fontawesome icon) the headphones look more like two opposing arrows inside a semi-circle at this size.

Thanks! :)
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Chris D

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I'm going to move this to bugs as this is probably worth doing to make things clearer, which as well as looking at a more type-specific thumbnail icon, we'll also look at making that corner icon more fit for purpose and stand out a bit more.

Chris D

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This should be sorted for the next release/rollout:


If there's no thumbnail, we'll show a generic thumbnail for that type. I'm unsure why the headphones icon was being used previously, clearly the music icon is better and that has been used now instead. The type icons in the corner are slightly bigger with a shadow to give the effect of an outline so they'll show more clearly on a range of different backgrounds. We've also expanded the type icons to cover more media sites (you can see the first one is an Apple Music embed so it shows the Apple icon).

Oh and added bonus: Apparently we can get thumbnails from public Facebook videos now.