XF 2.2 Enabling thumbnail generation for large XFMG images on XenForo cloud?


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I am encountering an issue whereby images uploaded to XFMG of large resolution do not have thumbnails generated for them; instead, a placeholder is presented (this is an example of the image being previewed in a widget, which uses the thumbnails):

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 10.07.33.png

I came across this thread which suggested that this limitation is deliberate, since thumbnail generation of larger images may introduce issues with certain shared hosting providers. The 'fix' was to make a change to the config file, but I can't do that with XF Cloud (nor do I really have any way to assess if the hosting for that can support such a change anyways). So I'm mostly trying to understand if this is something I can do anything about, since we will have folks who will want to upload very high resolution photographs, and want to support that without breaking thumbnails. Thanks!
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