XF + Wordpress with bridge, cms workaround


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XF + WP bridge by xfrocks

This gives the option of XF Pages OR WP Pages OR WP blog as a cms OR some comuiination.

This thread is for information and sharing support
about using XF and WP together.
For issues about installing and configuring the bridge go to the thread above.

Wordpress supports both a blog and Pages.
Its Pages are like XF Pages with a few important differences.

XF and WP Pages
The difference between WP Pages and XF Pages -


XF Pages have better navigation settable at admin level - integration with XF forum hierarchy.
XF top level parent pages can appear on the forumhome/ forum index page (see XF forums index page here, an Example Page at the bottom.

Both XF and WP Pages have their own sidebars on their Pages with links to parent and child pages in a hierarchy of Pages.
At the moment the XF/WP bridge doesn't bring WP Pages into the forum hierarchy. (this may upgrade later) That means you need to create hyperlinks yourself manually from one system to the other.

In each admin system create a link on its main links area - XF top menubar perhaps, and the WP sidebar.
Also I would link to the forums, or to a specific forum as relevant in the WP Page content, either top, bottom or both. You can do that in easy WYSWYG style.


XF Pages do not allow editing WYSWYG; they edit ONLY in html.

WP Pages provide the option of both WYSWYG and html editing: WYSWYG is default with a tab for html.
The WP Pages WYSWYG editor supports text links and insertion of images and media insertion with basic wrapping.


WP Pages are therefore the solution for you if you -
a) don't know html and don't have time or interest in learning it.
b) know html but want to update the Page easily and fast without typing html by hand, or copy/pasting into your html editor and back again.
c) your mod/s don't know html and you want them to create Pages, or update existing Pages.

XF are therefore the solution for you if you -
a) know html and do it fast and easily
b) any mod you want to use Pages knows html
c) navigation is more important to you than fast updating of Pages. That is you want your Page/s to appear in the forums hierarchy as an admin option, not manually link them from somewhere in XF like the top tabs or a sidebar.

WYSWYG editing on XF Pages is has been vigorously requested. Its future is uncertain. Apparently it might conflict with something about the coding here. However the devs here have not ruled it out and it might appear one day.

On another thread it has been discussed how XF Pages could make a blog workaround. This could work excellently if the integration for navigation is important to you and you can do html/ you are fast at html for updates/ your mods can ditto.

It works by creating an XF Page and an associated comments forum.
This would make an excellent mod! to make the setup an automatic option.

1. Create the XF Page + form.
2. Place the XF Page and the associated forum next to each other in the XF forum hierarchy.
3. Put a link to the forum on the Page, probably below the text. (A mod would do this on auto)
4. Put a link to the Page in a sticked post at the top of the forum. (A mod would put the link above the list of posts together with a snippet.)
Users can now go from one to the other, and comment on the Page content.
Of course there is still the lack of WYSWYG editing to cope with which some will find a block.

Other options for blogging are the WP blog, or a WP Page which has comments enabled.