XF 2.2 Posting chapters of a book and the 10000 character limit - best workaround other than increasing the limit?



I want to post chapters of some novels that I'm writing in a serialized format - one chapter per thread with the discussion under each chapter. There will eventually be about ten novels, each with about twenty chapters. Each novel could be a Category, then each chapter would be a pinned thread in descending order. If you are familiar with Royal Road or Wattpad, I'm trying to emulate that layout in Xenforo.

When I posted a first chapter, I ran into the 10,000 character limit. My chapters may range up to 20,000 characters. When I go into the Admin panel to increase it, there's a warning that says there could be performance issues if that limit is raised - which makes sense since it raises it for all users.

I considered using a Page for the chapters, but I've not yet found a way to generate the text with the <p> and </p> tags automatically enclosing each paragraph. Before I go too far down that road, is there a better workaround using threads since they recognize paragraphs when I copy/paste the text. Is it possible to allow just myself more than 10000 characters? Or maybe increase it to post, then set it back?

Any advice appreciated!

ETA: And is there a way to require registration to read just the chapter posts, but leave the rest of the site viewable to any visitor?
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Images of the text?

If you view the page source of a post, you should be able to copy and paste the html into a page node.

Really though, increasing the limit to 20,000 isn't likely to cause any issues.
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