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I'm interested in the addon that will do the below:

  • I would like to have my entire site with Wordpress, then have Xenforo under /forums
  • I want my Xenforo members to be able to login with their Xenforo account.
  • They should then be able to comment on my Wordpress articles/pages.
  • There comments should add to their Xenforo post count (not necessary but would be nice).
  • Xenforo avatar show up with their Wordpress comments.
  • So basically I want them to able to go between Wordpress and Xenforo no problem and be able to comment everywhere.

Does anyone know any addon that can do all of these?

Note: I am running my site on XF 1.4+ and I have seen few add-ons here that do not support this version

Thank you and any advice will be appreciated.
Hmmm... that is SO not helpful. I wonder why you took the time to state the obvious? Isn't it about helping one another? I'm sure you asked questions before and people treated you right. I hope this helps you somehow... we all have bad days...


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