XF Full FB integration + developmnet of my own extensions.


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I'am absolutelly new with XF. I'am using smf for very long time ... but it's time to migrate to new engine, with more possibilities etc ... smf seems to be almost walking zombie.

What do I need.
I need forum with full FB integration (I would say almost the same functionality as dlvr,it is providing, but without external sites, providers etc)
But ... I can not find anything that can offer me that what i want.
I'am able to write such as extension by myself, but developer docs are closed, and it seeme that i first need to buy licence and after that i get maybe access to dev docs ...

So i have 2 questions.

1.) Is there an extension that is providing same functionality as dlvr,it ?
2.) if not, can i get access to dev doc, to study possibilities how does it works etc.? or maybe some examples. I would like to "set hook" in same place where new post is added, so i wolud catch it and send it to FB API.


PS. XF is not the only solution that i'am considering.


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You asked about an extension which isn't something we can really provide any formal recommendations about. It's not something we support and it's not something that we really know about in detail. Further, I'm not familiar with dlvr.it in any way, so I couldn't comment as to what functionality you're referring to.

Second, the dev tutorials are generally available to customers, though we don't offer formal dev docs at this time. You would need to purchase the software to see the details or ask questions. There are ways that you can hook into a new thread/post being created though.


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Any answer is lot better that no answer.

So. I have to do a huge job if decide to buy xF, or choose another forum engine and use/buy existing solution.
I have 0 knowledge about xF, and it is not possible to "take a look inside".
I would ask you to help me littlebit. I would like to look here: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/understanding-the-xenforo-class-proxy-system.2080/
and one other random resource (by your choise)
And i would like you to send my ANY FREE of charge addon/extension - just to look inside how does it works.

Is it too much ?

I can do that by downloading pirate version etc... but it's not the proper way. If I'll do that i will stay in gray. There is no way back.