XF 1.4 Having problem staying logged in with FB integration

I am not sure if this situation. But on my site I log in via Facebook integrated connect. I also choose the "stay logged in" option prior to connecting to my site. I am still logged into Facebook.com just fine, however, anytime I stray away from my site, I keep getting logged off and have to connect each time to my site. All day yesterday it worked just fine, I would log in once and stay logged in all day. Is there anything I can do?


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If it worked one day and didn't work the next, I would try to identify what changed on your end.

Logging in via FB does automatically set a cookie that should cause you to be logged in when you come back. The only reason that wouldn't work is if it expired or was removed (or you did something else to invalidate it, like changing your password). It would be reset on next login though.
@AndyB @Mike I figured it out late last night. It was due to the fact that I had both my www domain name and bare domain name active. If I went to "example.com" and then logged with Facebook integrated connect it would redirect to my www. domain name. Then when I would leave the site and go back to the bare domain I was not logged in. I had to force www. domain so anyone who would hit the bare name would redirect to the www.

Thanks for your help! Case is closed :)