XF forum as mirror on Joomla main page?


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I use Joomla 2.5x and XF 1.1.3. I have within XF one forum, in which only news are posted by users. I would like to make at least the titles of those News viewable on the Joomla frontpage. Ideally the whole posting.

Did anybody try this already? Did you succeed and if yes, how did you do this?

I only found this, but the demo page does not work and I am not a coder, so I hesitate to try this out...



I wonder whether this could work with RSS Feed. I am not very familiar with RSS, but there is this RSS logo for that specific Forum and if I click on it, I could connect it to Outlook. But how do I connect this then to Joomla so that this XF-RSS appears in the front page?

I succeeded with the RSS link of that forum to display it within Joomla on the front page. It displays the titles only. If you click on it, you get to the thread itself within the XF Forum.

But when a user posts a comment in an old thread, the displayorder within Joomla changes. So always the thread with the newest comment is on the top, not the newest thread.

Is it possible to change this?
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