XF.com Downtime?


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It appears that for some reason my home IP address is blocked from xenforo.com. Switching over to my phone or using hola lets me in but want to know why my IP may be blocked, it was working last night when I checked the site.


Liam W

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Is it just loading forever/not loading? This happened to me a while back, yet there wasn't a ban...

It was very strange...

If it does say you've been IP banned, that's also strange :)



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Just doesn't load at all. Comes up as if the site is down or does not exist. Ping does not work either.

I am based in amsterdam, Netherlands. Now hola won't load the site from different locations.

Very odd.


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I couldn't access from BT (UK) about 30 mins ago, but was chatting with someone else in the UK who used Sky and they had no issues. Was going to try my O2 mobile, but the issue cleared for me before I got chance.

Sounds like a routing issue somewhere... but hey, it's Monday!


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It should be resolved for most people soon.

Update @ 12:15 AM GMT | 08:15 AM EDT

Services are getting back to normal. All the domain names pointed to dns1-5.name-services.com should be up and running. We are still waiting for the final confirmation from our upstream provider and are monitoring the services. Once we have new information, we will provide you with an update right away. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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I was not able to access XenForo this morning at 6:00am until I switched the DNS on my iMac. Normally I use Comcast's DNS, but switching to Google's DNS fixed it.

Google's DNS is:


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Finally back myself!

XenForo was fine at the time of my last activity, which was 12:30 AM, so it must have started sometime after that. I wasn't able to access the site until about 13 minutes ago (5:20 PM).


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Xenforo.com has been down for me for the past few days. This was on multiple devices, different Internet connections, etc.

Any ideas if this was a widespread thing? There seems to have been posts on here so doesn't look like it was down for everyone...