xF and Hosting for Private Forums? (for corporate installation)


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Hello! We're looking to establish a turn-key private forum to connect some people in our global organization. We could purchase a license and get it going on our own infrastructure however there would be some significant upside to having somebody else handle the whole thing. xenForo is probably the most impressive forum platform I've encountered in the last while and am curious to pursue. There are clearly scads of hosting services, but I'm having difficulty sorting though those that would easily supply a couple items:

1. Set up a completely private community (topics would often involve trade secrets)
2. Manage all security and updates (we also like to specify ip filters such that you need to be on our vpn to access)

Basically a SaaS model for xenForo. Would really appreciate a nudge in the right direction.



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Password protecting a forum is simple, and hosting pick a solid reliable company such as Nimbus hosting to mage your hosting and you'll be sorted on the security side.


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You may want to just set up with any good hosting company and have a good system administrator set up your system from scratch to be secure and meet your requirements.

For the most part, your requirements are mostly system related rather than regarding XF itself.