Add-on XF Addon "Kotomi" minor edits required ?

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Hey all,

I am referring to a little script / xf addon released here on XF called: Kotomi

This script was working fine previously on older XF versions than began to not function / work the same since 1.2 I would really love to use this for a project i am working on.. and this is how i need it to work (This is how it was able to work prior to XF 1.2).

Example #1) <-- custom scripts / content could be installed here and would show up within the xf wrapper. <--- XF installed here.

when the "Kotomi" addon is installed using the xf addon system prior to XF 1.2 i was able to make scripts / .php / .html pages display within the xf wrapper.. just as the script was designed to do.. now after XF 1.2 this no longer works as ive shown above with the examples of "" etc etc

The addon script still works with XF 1.2 if done like this:

Example #2) <-- XF installed here <-- Custom scripts / or .html / .php pages could be displayed here with the XF wrapper as the Kotomi script is designed to do.

But since XF 1.2 the script no longer works as i need it too / as it was working in my example #1 above, now ive spent many hours trying to work out why this no longer functions as i need it too / as it was in older XF versions.. it's may be a tiny / simple little thing ive overlooked or maybe even a simple change to a XF reference.. The script is very small / only a few files each with a small amount of code... This shouldn't take very long for a XF addon developer / person with average PHP skills and XF knowledge.. I am very sure this is fixable and would only take a few minutes to work out the problem.

Please read my reply to the addon discussion which can be found here: this describes the issues i am experiencing using this script with XF 1.2 RC 2 and previous versions of XF 1.2.

I am open to paying for someone to provide me with a fix / solution or even another method of achieving this but if someone could do this for free it would be greatly appreciated and i will help you out in return however i can.. But if no one can take a look into this for free and i am to pay for this i will also pass on the fix / solution to others as i am sure many people would like to have this script / xf addon functioning with the latest version of XF.

I will be online for the next 12+ hours so please shoot me a pm if you are able to look at this and i will get back to you ASAP (I will be monitoring this thread closely as i could really use a fixed version of this right now).

Regards, Darren