Add-on $$ Kotomi Script | Need a tiny FIX

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Hey all,

Is the script in question, as you will see i have replied in the addon discussion section.. basically the script lost some functionality after XF 1.2 was released.

Basically i need it for the following site / url path: <-- Root Dir (Something else installed here) <-- XF installed here

The Kotomi addon use to allow me to do the following (This is before XF 1.2 was released / Kotomi was working as intended).. (regardless of what is installed in here, I could place the "Kotomi Scripts" Example-Index.php file in this directory and this would allow me to load anything i wanted to with the XF wrapper from the installation in the sub-folder "forum" folder / installation. <-- XF installed with the Kotomi addon installed (now when the "Kotomi Scripts" Example-Index.php file is place in here or in a sub-folder coming out from the /forum/ folder the script works fine.. the problem seems to be that since XF 1.2 it is now not able to pick up the preceding folder / path / url.. Not 100% sure on why this has happened but knowing it worked prior to 1.2 is fustrating and as the script / addon is tiny and contains a few small files with a tiny amount of coding it shouldn't be hard for a experienced XF dev / PHP / general coder to pick up this issue.. it really should be a very simple fix but i am over looking something very simple..

I am willing to make a small payment if someone can fix / identify the problem as i not only need this for future projects but am in need of this for a clients project i am hoping to complete ASAP and this script is a key factor in this. Anyways there is plenty of info in the addon discussion thread regarding the new problem that has started since 1.2 I am online all day/night so if anyone can help get this working as intended i will make a small donation in return for your assistance.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can fix this / solve this issue.

Regards, Darren


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I remember I gave it a shot when you first posted this a few weeks ago. I sincerely couldn't find a fix for this. I'll give it another try tomorrow to see if I can come up with something.

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Thanks for your help and anyone else who takes a look into this. The fustrating part of it is that it was working before hand and is of great help to those who have a splash page and need to keep that and the forums with a unified look and feel to it...

The more annoying part is that the "Addon" is so tiny it should be a simple fix as there is one main index file (less than 10 lines of code) .. and 3 files (again with a small amount of code in them).. I am sure if one the XF dev's looked at this they could fix this in seconds.. but i am sure that a average php hack could also find the issue without much work.

Thanks again.