XF 2.3 ?

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are developers from USA? I thought all in UK
It's somewhat irrelevant as it was just a joke, but primarily, yes, developers are in the UK but ironically we do have a developer in California but that wasn't really the point of the joke.
Can't you just give it to Novak Djokovic as he can travel the world without impunity?
Until now?
Serbian Prime Minister's opinion:
Ana Brnabic said: "No one is allowed to breach the isolation rules as it, therefore, puts the health of other people in jeopardy.

"There are some standards that have to be met.
"In this case it seems to me that if he was aware of it then it is a clear violation of the rules - and what the sanctions are that's what relevant institutions will have to look into."
The Prime Minister said everyone is is thankful for 'what he has done for the Republic of Serbia' however 'the laws equally apply to all'.
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