XF 2.3 ?


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as a forum owner, that's exactly the kind of thing you do not want on your platform. you do not want to make it easy for spammers to be able to create accounts on your platform. emails are easy. you can manage a list of email services that are blocked. you can use addons to restrict account creation to certain domains. there are dedicated databases like SFS which would tell you the reputation of email accounts. forum owners do not have the same kind of resources as facebook or reddit that you allow account creation using disposable ids. not to mention most forums are just not targeted at the general public.

i do believe xenforo needs to add support for apple id. google id is already covered. with these two, you have essentially covered majority of smartphone users. except for maybe audience from china. i imagine if you have an apple or google id, you already have an email account no matter if you use it or not.

I read Google/Apple support docs and it looks like Apple ID requires an existing email id. Google lets you use an existing email id or it would create one for you. It seems unlikely that you can have either of these IDs without having or getting an email account.
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That was put on ignore.

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For how much longer I wonder. It seems China is hellbent on bringing Hong Kong "into the fold" as far as public security laws are concerned.
HK still has a separate law system (like how states in United States use individual law systems).
However, from a homeland security perspective of view, HK is part of PRC.


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Nope! i tried to signup using a Facebook account created with a phone number. Then Xenforo asking for the email.
So you can not signup without email even using social media.
Disable it on the app side.
Twitter app:
Request email address from users NO
These additional permissions require that you provide URLs to your application or service's privacy policy and terms of service.


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at least user must know what to expect! VB stopped, many moved to XF 1, that is dead now, now all on XF 2
before creating XF 3, I advice to think variant factors
I had 5TB files on VB, moved to XF 2, it took 10 days
now I have 8TB files, I won't move to XF 3 if all data should be imported,
I shall move to XF 3 only if upgrade is possbile without uploaded files being toched.


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Moving to newer versions of XF is always an upgrade, never an import.

However, XF3 is a long way off - we're only on XF2.2 and there's no need for a complete rewrite again as there was with XF1.


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On Monday it will be 17 months since June 1st, the first "Have you seen..." 2.2 teaser. :)

I'm salivating in anticipation! I hope we're looking at 2021, but bake until done!

Still a big fan!


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would be good to see new options in 2.3, like sales, more payment gateways, maybe another tab for products with different view styles.

many guys say the forum is a forum & should stay as it is, but time is passing fast, in one short moment we will be in 2025-2030

what I want to say is: if sales were implemented in XF, there would be no better engine than XF

just imagine adding crypto gateways like blockchain & finance, which can bring lot's of customers to XF

or another great idea would be an advertisement board, like eBay, nft market (https://opensea.io)


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Tinfoil mode:
If we look at the time between the other feature releases on XF2 (2.1 & 2.2), it was 1 year and 8 months between them. Time from first HYS to release was in both cases 3 months.
The first 2.2 HYS was June 2020, which would place us at February 2022 for first HYS in 2.3. And then release 3 months after that barring no unprecedented problems during beta/RC, so May 2022.

So let's hope we will have some tasty HYS threads to look at within a few months at the latest.. :)