XF 2.3 ?


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What are people hoping for in 2.3?
-Attachment improvements (storage, optimization, more nuanced permissions) -> this saves everyone a lot of money
-custom thread fields (filtering) and overall improvements to that -> I believe CTFs are singe-handedly the best content enablers on XF.
-content focused stuff in general


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Just upgraded to the patch 1 today.

Some things to look out for

Whatismyipaddress.com doesn't respond as it seems that a page is missing.

Love the gif addon in the rich editor.
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When it (3.0)does come out I think you should def post it to Reddit for a little sales boost. 😎😂🍿
I think places like reddit should be avoided because of how terrible those sites are.

I think of reddit like i do with whatsapp, viber and those other sort of places.
They don't need your input.
They are weird sites that have weird people who send you unwanted messages.


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That being said i'd love to see things being linked to wordpress and blogger.
So that you can start a blog with no fuss whatsoever.


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The first feature of XF 2.2 was introduced last year on June 1st. And we got 2 new developers in the team.

And no news so far for 2.3. It looks like there is a fatigue with development in general, as the resources section (3rd party) is also very quiet for a long time now. Am I the only one concerned here or am I just overreacting?

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Get rid of "Block" properties and revert to category headers, category footers, sidebar properties, other headers etc... Trying to figure out what property works where is probably one of the most frustrating things for me. IMVHO, the style properties function is a mess and needs to be completely reworked perhaps utilizing Russ's "live" design function ability (Sorry cannot remember the technical name of it now.)

Add the ability to display views on forum list individual forum stats and the ability to disable threads, replies, views individually. This would greatly help with new communities.

And my ultimate wish would be for a drag and drop page creation rather than having to insert HTML. I know this is wishful thinking as xenforo is not a website developer,

Cloud service is way too expensive for most start-ups.

Other than this, xenforo functionality is better than most and I'm looking forward to whatever they come up with in 2.3,

As far as "fatigue development"....I will have to admit that it does appear to be slowly waning.


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There's no official support for development. It's a big problem a lot of the time because hacks like me who 'used to code' get stuck and then there's no documentation or answers to questions in threads. So, i get frustrated, annoyed, and just stop building it out for a while.

Months later, i'll pick it up again.

What i end up doing over and over is refactoring my code everytime i learn and never actually make any progress.

So, no releases. lol

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I don't know...I just had the rug pulled out from under us with a handful of add-ons that we were relying on. It's nothing against Xenforo of course, but I went with known, "name" developers this time, paying for the add-ons, and we're once again stuck with a solution we can't upgrade out of! We don't have an unlimited budget for someone to take over the half dozen or so add-ons we rely on and rewrite them for the next version of XF whenever it comes out.

Gotta run. Got an appointment for the implant in preparation for XF 3.0, Skynet++ edition...

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If any of our AC resources add-ons are integrated into core, we'll provide the usual free importers, for anything we open sourced I can make no direct promises, but if my free time permits, I'll see what I can do. Same goes for compatibility updates. The size depends entirely on what XF is gonna be up to with 2.3 anyway, maybe we'll be lucky and nothing needs to be upgraded.


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We're skipping 2.3 and going straight to 3.0.

That will require all add-ons to be rewritten in a new language called Skynet++ and members will require an implant to use the site.
My friend and I chose XF after long-time consideration (including annual costs), and this ....what a trepidation made by this statement.

Paul! This was a private meeting!

We're going to have to redo all the planning now.

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May I seriously confirm whether Paul is joking?