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What the new XF 2.3 absolutely must have

I've been using XF for a few months and I notice some shortcomings that a forum cannot have in 2023
I'm not talking about customizations that can be subjective from forum to forum but about things necessary for all active forums with many users and many treads/posts

Start with:

- Auto Merge Double Post;

To date there is this plugin

but such a "simple" and basic option cannot be missing in an administration panel.

On XF2 moderators can merge posts manually but if you have a forum where users write a lot of posts, it becomes difficult and a waste of time.

I reopened this post since the previous one was blocked for me without the possibility of editing ...
This should really be in Suggestions. In fact, you should probably check to see if someone has suggested it there already.

EDIT: And Brogan is right to close it. XF 3 is not happening any time soon. 2.x will be with us for a while I imagine.
In suggestions are limited to third-party plugin linkers...
I don't think so. People link to add-ons there all the time, usually to point out the existence of an add-on that meets the suggestion or that illustrates what they are after. A suggestion in off-topic can't get voted on so will be ignored.
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