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xF 2.0 Theme 2.3

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The icons are fixed set in the node_list.css
So if you insert alternative icons in the style-editor you get both
Very nice, but why did you hide the bottom breadcumb?

display: none;

I can see it on xenforo.com. Very useful to have it on the bottom.

Robert F Schmitz

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It seems that the icons in the Reply box as well as the New message box are missing since doing an update to the style. Any suggestions as to where to look for the issue? I am referring to the Remove Formatting, Bold, Italic, etc.. Thanks.

Fixed by reloading the style.
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Previously Cylent1
I found a bug in the latest version.
The avatars are out of the holders and above them in all the sub menus of members.



Resource featured items are being cut off, don't know why. Also having problems with prefixes making everything jump out of alignment when hovering them.