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I use to catch spiders and place them in a large one gallon pickle jar with holes poked in the lid, they will survive in such a jar very well, even mate and have thousands of little babies, as long as you feed them flies.

I had a batch going for months, when the babies come there are thousands of them, then they will start eating each other which is also amazing, only the strongest survive.


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Spiders are great, as long as they are not biting you in bed, so fumigate your bedroom once a month at least.

Bites from a Brown Recluse can cause you to lose your arm or legs.

It is important to seek medical treatment if a brown recluse bite is suspected, as in the rare cases of necrosis the effects can quickly spread, particularly when the venom reaches a blood vessel. Cases of brown recluse venom traveling along a limb through a vein or artery are rare, but the resulting mortification of the tissue can affect an area as large as several inches, to the extreme of requiring excising of the wound.


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I don't like spiders inside the house at all, but outside (this is outside) they are fine, so long as they keep the themselves and don't come near me.

There are a few species we kill on sight though... deadly or dangerous ones.

Funnel Webs
Red Backs
White Tails


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Looks like I'm the only one who thought this thread would be about some new Google indexing mod for xF ... :)

I've had a non-poisonous Tarantula crawling up my arm before - oddly much lighter than they look. The landlord at the local used to keep it in a big display case behind the bar.

The fast moving ones scare the bejoobees out of the missus - the scream from the bathroom is the usual indicator of one being present in the house.

Don't kill them though. Grab and throw outside.

Shaun :D