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Add-on XenMoods by Nobita

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Discussions' started by Nobita.Kun, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. Nobita.Kun

    Nobita.Kun Well-Known Member

    Hi all, Im know that there ready have an similar addon. Im have planned make that addon a long time ago.

    You and anyone interesting with this addon can give me suggestions of functions to make awesome addon :)

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  2. petertdavis

    petertdavis Well-Known Member

    Why not ask @Dismounted to take over this one? He doesn't seem to be interested in supporting it anymore. I use it on my forums, it still works but it would be nice to see it supported and updated.
  3. Mike Edge

    Mike Edge Formerly Da Bookie Mon

    Would like to see option to lock each mood being selectable and able to use credits or bd bank to purchase each locked one
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  4. Nobita.Kun

    Nobita.Kun Well-Known Member

    Sorry. My addon have an similar name but I work on other functions :)

    Of course! Category per mood as well :D
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  5. Allan

    Allan Well-Known Member

    Do you have screens please ?

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